Success Story

Environmental Management Conservation Trust’s (EMCT) success is built on the three pillars of conservation.

Shock Action

Hit a new area with a strong force of action and dominance, immediately denying poachers of opportunities and restrict their movement.

Community Relations

Prevent communities from falling victim to organised poaching syndicates by allowing them to become part of the solution and not the problem.

Political will and government involvement

Create, maintain and develop a close relationship with local government law enforcement to ensure a continued long-lasting effect of control.

EMCT has been able to successfully and effectively take back and furthermore maintain control of all operational areas where poachers once dominated and where we were deployed:

  • Official mandate by the Mozambique government (ANAC) to conduct counter poaching operations in country.
  • Working with Peace Parks Foundation (PPF) directing counter poaching manoeuvres Limpopo National Park (LNP), Maputo Special Reserve (MSR), Zinave National Park (ZNP), Banhine National Park (BNP) in a technical advisory capacity.
  • Reduced rhino poaching in areas of operation by 85%+
  • Dramatically reduced poacher access to the Kruger National Park; poaching rates down more than 70% west of the Intensive Protective Zone (IPZ).
  • 75% decrease in rhino poaching activity in southern section of Greater Lebombo Conservancy; zero elephant and bush-meat poaching during time of operation.
  • Apprehension of 100+ poachers and seizure of 40+ illegal firearms.

EMCT is at the forefront of Africa’s conservation efforts with multi-faceted operations that involve the use of human (rangers, game scouts, trackers) K9 (dogs and handlers) and aerial assets in the form of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. We have proven a successful example and strategy with a team of specialists traveling to areas with a struggling model and then spending time on the ground, assessing and subsequently advising and assisting with the implementation of a bespoke counter poaching management solution.

Tactically EMCT protects rhino, elephant and other wildlife by denying poachers access to and freedom of movement in under-threat wildlife habitat. When an illegal incursion occurs, we provide rapid action deployment of counter-poaching teams supported by land and air transport as well as tracking dogs. Together with a high degree of training, leadership and support resources, it is the key to our success.