Snapping at the heels of poachers

Environmental Management Conservation Trust (EMCT) is operating on the front line and behind enemy lines, neutralising poaching activity and ensuring the safety of targeted and endangered wildlife. We are at the forefront of Africa’s conservation efforts with our gold-standard counter-poaching operations that involved the use of human, aerial and K9 assets.  

EMCT prides itself on its high K9 success rate as the use of a well-trained and managed K9 tracking team can be the deciding factor in poacher follow-up operations. A well-trained dog will track through the field faster and more accurately than any professional man-tracker.

So maybe it’s best if we let one of our four-legged staff members do the talking…

“Let me introduce myself.  The name is Fury, from the Doberman-Bloodhound dynasty. I am part of the elite counter-poaching team of EMCT.

The tales of my daring and dogged acts in protecting the wildlife of Africa is legendary. Poachers shudder and scatter at the mere mention of my name. My human companion and I have brought down countless of these scoundrels that have been slaughtering animals for greed and personal gain.

A daily dose of proper exercise, a balanced diet, regular check-ups and one-on-one interaction with my two-legged colleague give credence to my name of ‘extreme strength in action’.

It may look easy for the untrained eye, but it takes a lot to remain on top of my game, in energy and currency. If this financial support is not forthcoming, it is back to the dog house for me with the poachers left free to decimate the natural world.

I need your help and support to continue doing what I do best – catch poachers and protect the wildlife of Africa. It costs around $150 month, give or take a few cents, to be fighting fit. My human companion and I make a formidable team and he or she, also needs looking after at a cost of $1500. Some months there may be additional costs and for that, we need a spare fund to stay on top of things – $150.

Support me and the rest of EMCT in our operations on the front line and behind enemy lines and in our endeavours to ensure the safety of Africa’s targeted and endangered wildlife. You can get in touch with one of the humans at

Sincerely yours